With Millennium Development Goals in mind, Trinity’s outreach efforts touch many corners of the world. Our three recipients, chosen at years end, change annually and include state, national and international humanitarian organizations.  Listed below are the chosen organizations. 



In 2021, we found our attention once again drawn to tragedy and inequity in our world. Afghanistan and the efforts of those trying to escape the takeover of an oppressive Taliban regime were front and center. It was impossible to look away from the inevitable oppression ahead for women and girls especially. In Maine, folks starting life again from scratch pulled our attention away from our busy lives. Beginning from a place with significant challenges, asylum seekers and domestic violence victims struggle with financial hardship and family instability. We were unable to ignore black, brown and indigenous people of color are affected disproportionately by these challenges. All happening as the COVID pandemic raged on. As a local community, we learned to invent new creative ways of living our lives safely while providing for those without access. With 2021 weighing heavily on our hearts,  the Trinity Board of Trustees approved the Outreach Committee’s recommendations with all funds staying in the US.

Heart To Heart
Maine Needs
Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services
York Community Service Association
Supporting our ongoing commitment to the York community with our donation from Service of Nine Lessons and Carols.