With Millennium Development Goals in mind, Trinity’s outreach efforts touch many corners of the world. Our three recipients, chosen at years end, change annually and include state, national and international humanitarian organizations.  Listed below are the chosen organizations. 


In 2022, we found our attention once again, drawn to tragedy and inequity in our world.

As the Supreme Court struck down what appeared to be 50 years of settled law in Roe v. Wade, it became impossible to look away from the inevitable oppression ahead for women and girls as their equal access to reproductive health care was stripped away. In addition, we knew women of color, immigrants, and LGBTQ+ people (especially those whose identities intersect) are disproportionately impacted. Equity matters. We continue to support women’s rights to reproductive health care, – making their own choices regarding their bodies and their lives. 

Beginning from a place with significant challenges, asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants in Maine, struggle mightily with financial instability. We were unable to ignore that black, brown and indigenous people of color are most affected  by these challenges. Many come from cash based societies who struggle to understand how money, credit and banking for the future, works in the US. Providing basic money management understanding and skillsets, enables them to attain financial stability and is the first step to fully integrating and participating in our communities, joining our workforce and planning for the future.

In Ukraine, we watched in horror as women, children and elders fled as Russia brutally attacked their country and people. Scarcity of medical supplies and access to light became an every day challenge to military medics and civilians assisting those injured. Empowering Ukrainians to survive and withstand the grave ravages of war, by providing medical backpacks filled with carefully curated critical medical supplies and distributing different types of generators to military medics and civilians in need, was a serious life saving effort. Sunflowers are the national flower of Ukraine and as such, have emerged as a symbol of solidarity, peace and resilience for the country and one of resistance against Russia’s invasion.

 With 2022 weighing heavily on our hearts,  the Trinity Board of Trustees whole heartedly approved the Outreach Committee’s recommendations.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund
Sunflower of Peace
York Community Service Association
Supporting our ongoing commitment to the York community with our donation from Service of Nine Lessons and Carols.