Weddings at Trinity Summer Chapel

Trinity Church is an Episcopal summer chapel in York Harbor, located at the intersection of York Street and Woodbridge Road.  Trinity is a beautiful large fieldstone church that seats approximately 400 comfortably.  Arrangements can be made to increase the seating somewhat.  Among its most notable features are a crenellated stone bell tower, a 12 rank, 947 Wicks Organ and two stained glass windows.   Arrangement of the overhead structural beams throughout the nave is such that they create equilateral triangles reflective of the Trinity after which the church is named.  Trinity is open for weddings from the third Sunday in June to September 30th each year though early October weddings will be considered at the discretion of the Trinity Service Guild.

To inquire about getting married at Trinity, contact the Trinity Service Guild wedding coordinator, Lucy Kilgore at or 207-361-1266 (home) 207-451-7021 (cell).

Visit our Wedding Guidelines (Customary) page for more information.