Wedding Guidelines (Customary)

Trinity Church Wedding Procedures

Trinity Church is summer chapel in the Episcopal Diocese of Maine. It is located at 546 York Street, York Harbor, Maine. The mailing address is P.O. Box 323, York Harbor, ME 03911.

Weddings are welcome at Trinity from June 1 st to mid-October. Requests for weddings later in the year will be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on ability to get volunteer staff. It is established by the Canons of the Episcopal Church and in the Book of Common Prayer, page 422, that:

At least one of the parties must be a baptized Christian, that the ceremony be attended by at least two witnesses, and that the marriage conform to the laws of the State and the Canons of the Church.

The service must be an Episcopal service performed by an Episcopal priest licensed in the state of Maine. It is the policy of Trinity, furthermore, that those married here either be worshippers at Trinity or have the intention to become part of a worshipping community and also have affiliations with the York area. This provides a context in which the marriage vows have integrity.

I. Inquiry

To inquire about getting married at Trinity, contact the Trinity Service Guild wedding coordinator: Lucy Kilgore at  or by phone at 207-361-1266 (home) or  207-451-7021 (cell).  The coordinators represent the Trustees of Trinity Church. They have established guidelines for the planning and execution of the rehearsal and ceremony. By direction of the Trustees, there will be no Sunday weddings (except during the regular Sunday service) and no physical changes to the church or grounds. The church may be seen by appointment with a wedding coordinator.

II. Authorization

The second step is to be authorized by our pastor, John Finley IV, who will arrange for the required pre-marital counseling and approve an officiant for the service. The pastor has final say over granting permission for the officiant, or any others to assist in the service. John can be reached by phone at 617-326-0425 or via email at

III. Reservation

The third step is to reserve the date. After Trinity has authorization for the marriage, your date will be reserved when Trinity receives a contribution of $2,000. This amount covers the use of the sanctuary, the officiant, and the organist. Your tax-deductible check should be sent with your completed registration form to the wedding coordinator. A portion of the contribution may be non-refundable. In the case of an additional minister, that gratuity is your responsibility.

IV. Music

The fourth step is to contact our organist and arrange for the music. Music must be discussed with our organist, Andrew Maurice, well in advance of the rehearsal. His contact info is 831-392-7890. If you are thinking of asking someone else to play the organ for your wedding, please know that we follow the Code of Ethics of the American Guild of Organists meaning that there is no refund of our organist fee and fees for any other musicians will be your responsibility.

If you are planning to have extra musicians or singers, please work out the arrangements with Andrew Maurice and let the wedding coordinator know if they will need extra seating. If there is more than one music rehearsal, in the case of outside musicians, an additional fee of $65 an hour is due to the organist. Any tardiness of more than fifteen minutes may result in a late fee. No augmented or electronic music is allowed other than Trinity ’s electric piano.

If you are planning anything special or unusual, please check with a wedding coordinator ahead of time.

V. Altar Flowers: It is a good idea to have your florist with you at the church when planning flowers. Your florist may use Trinity’s vases on the altar, But these vases may not leave the church. Trinity has brass containers in a tall or low style, or you may supply your own. Altar flowers may not be higher than the arms of the cross on the altar and no ribbons are allowed. The Trinity Service Guild reserves the right to rearrange any flowers that do not conform to these rules.

Many couples contribute their wedding altar flowers to the church for the next Sunday’s service. This is a lovely gesture and much appreciated. If you would like to contribute your altar flowers, please let us know on the registration form. Weddings that go past 6:00 pm must donate the flowers for the Sunday morning service.

VI. Flowers and Other Decorations: Flower arrangements can also be on the chancel steps, on the windowsills, or in the vestibule. Flowers and bows may be used to mark pews, But no tape or nails may be used. Rice, confetti, rose petals, and similar items are not allowed in the church or on the grounds. If you would like a white runner down the aisle, your florist may supply one.

Delivery and Removal: Please arrange a time with the wedding coordinator to open the church for the delivery of the flowers by the florist before the ceremony. Please also make arrangements for removal of flowers directly after the ceremony.

VII. Other Details

A wedding is a joyful time. Careful planning helps prevent last-minute stress and unnecessary problems. The following requests will help us all in making the service as happy an occasion as possible for you as well as all the Trinity Church volunteers who are assisting you.

Please have the wedding party Be PROMPT for both the rehearsal and service. Ushers should bring programs (if using) and be at the church at least 45 minutes before the ceremony to seat guests.

Photographs and Videotapes – Marriage is a sacrament. Marring the solemnity and dignity of the occasion by a camera flash or a photographer trying to get into a better position for a picture is not allowed.

NO PHOTOGRAPHS OR VIDEOTAPE MAY BE TAKEN DURING THE SERVICE. The wedding coordinator will tell the photographer to stop if pictures are being taken during the service. One photographer may stand at the rear of the church and take photographs while the music is playing during the processional and recessional. Extra lighting is at the discretion of the officiant. You may arrange with the wedding coordinator to have photographs taken in front of the altar either before or after the wedding. There is a 30-minute time limit for pictures taken after the service. Please notify your photographer of these restrictions. There is no time limit for photographs or video outside on the church grounds.

Cell phones and cameras – We request that wedding guests turn off their cell phones and not take pictures during the service. Please mention this in your program.

Bells – The church Bells may be rung at the end of the service only by one of our trained bell ringers. Arrange with the wedding coordinator.

Restrooms and Parking – There is one bathroom off the sacristy that cannot be used during services and there is a portable toilet available outside in the lower garden. We will reserve a space for a car in front of the church. Ample parking is available on both sides of York Street and Woodbridge Road.

Wedding Planner – Please note that Trinity’s wedding coordinators are experienced in running the wedding rehearsal and service. Their instructions take precedence over that of an outside wedding planner.